1, 2, 3. . . ROSAJOU !

Little girls finally have a make-up brand all of their own.
A full line of healthy and safe products.
The perfect range of products for playing pretty.



Nail Polish – Peel off <i>Madame</i>
Nail Polish – Peel Off <i>Rubis</i>
Nail Polish – Peel Off <i>Néon</i>
Nail Polish – Peel Off <i>Ballerine</i>
Nail Polish – Peel Off <i>Lagon</i>
Nail Polish – Peel Off <i>Féérie</i>
Lipstick <i>Madame</i>
Lipstick <i>Rubis</i>
Lipstick <i>Ballerine</i>
Rosajou blush
Rosajou brush
Complete gift set <i>Pink</i>
Complete gift set <i>Green</i>


Rosajou is the first make-up collection for children from 5 - 10 years of age, created with the greatest care by French laboratories.
Having fun making you look pretty with healthy and light products is the core philosophy of Rosajou.


“Mummy you are the prettiest”, and little girls want to do the same. Eyes sparkling, they dream of nail polish and lipstick. And we, the mums, we say yes if they are used innocently and in a spirit of fun.


Because our children’s skin deserves the best, our laboratories use quality ingredients and almost exclusively of natural origin. Safe and tested formulas for beautiful and healthy products, adapted to their taste and their skin above all.


A single ambition: fun! The aim is definitely not to transform our little girls into fashionistas. Rosajou is all about having fun.
To have a laugh with friends, match your polish to your favourite sweet, give coloured kisses to your teddy bear. And observe mum to copy her when she applies her make-up…sssssh, it’s a secret!



The world of cosmetics has been her playground for many years.
Delphine today turn her attention to the world of the little rascals.
She create Rosajou, the major children make-up brand.



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Even when I was still in pigtails I was already passionate about perfumes and cosmetics. My first pocket money went straight to creams and lovely smellies. I was destined to work in that magic world I joined more than fifteen years ago. Trained by the big luxury brands, they taught me to be demanding and to take pride in good work. I now have two children and when I saw my daughter Camille dreaming of applying make-up, even when she was still very young, I had the idea for Rosajou. I have then decided to mobilise my competences and my laboratory network to create a real make-up brand to play with.



We have imagined and created the Rosajou range with great care and rigour.
We enlisted talented companies that are uncompromising on quality and safety to manufacture our products.
And because it is important to us: we prioritise French companies!

Currently, two laboratories based in France design our formulas according to our specifications. The quality is checked at every stage of the process and we frequently visit factories to see the production conditions and exchange with our partners. For our packaging, we prefer French or European companies.

They are part of the adventure:

Maison Bullier has been excelling in the production of brushes. It was recognised “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” [Living heritage Company : a french label] in 2011, Stéphanie, representing the seventh generation, passionately develops the activities of the family business. The brushes are designed in the workshops of Saint Brieuc, before being manufactured on site or in Asia, depending on the orders.

Specialist in dermo-cosmetic evaluation for more than 20 years, cosmetic formulas undergo numerous tests at Biophyderm before authorising their marketing. Christine, the CEO, accompanies us to guarantee total respect for the rules. We have opted to work with this laboratory in Montpellier for its professionalism and ethics.

Established at Cabris, home of the Grasse perfume tradition, Sylvie works closely together with independent perfumers and a local production site. Au Service du Parfum allows perfumers to fully express their art to compose unique and customised combinations for each project: true artists!

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